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For corporations and LLC (Limited Liability Company), it is necessary to choose a registered agent. Registered agent will be a person or an entity. It is designated in the articles of incorporation/organization, who can accept legal documents and notifications from a state office on behalf of a corporate entity. It is necessary that registered agents have existence within the state at a physical street address and must be available during normal business hours.

Although some prefer to act as their own agents, it is advisable to hire a registered agent. One must be very careful while choosing a registered agent. If the registered agent is not reliable, the corporation or LLC may lose its status and will have to bear heavy penalty. Please call BAAS today for Registered Agents!

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SMEs – small and medium-sized enterprises are the foundation of a strong economy, important for both developing and developed countries. BAAS lends support to these organizations by helping them manage the back-end of the company, by providing you with regular reporting and strategic insights to run the company with perfect execution.

Nonprofit Organizations – The BAAS accounting team helps nonprofit clients maximize their limited budgets while improving efficiencies and presenting reports for their boards. We offer daily bookkeeping and payroll tasks, help establish accounting procedures or implement full-fledged accounting systems and train your team.

Timely, Detailed Reporting- We know that time is money and the BAAS team works to provide timely reports, updates, and assistance.

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